Rev. Steve Hwang  Lead Pastor

Steve Hwang


Rev. Steve Hwang was born in Seoul, Korea and came to US when he was 13 years old.  He received his BA in Philosophy & Theology from St. John’s University and graduated from Drew Theological School in 1994 with a Master of Divinity. For the last 20 years, he has been ministering to the 2nd Gen. Korean Americans.  Currently, he has taken on a head leadership for Crystal Church of NY where he leads both the Korean Ministry and English Ministry. He is married to Annie (wife), has two children: Joyce (daughter) and Jubilee (daughter),  and is living for Jesus!

Rev. Aaron Kim  English Ministry

Aaron Kim

Associate pastor (English ministry)

Rev. Aaron began (in ‘04) to serve young adults in New York City through the local church and para-church ministries.  He received a BA from Nyack College (Biblical & Theological Studies), M.Div from Drew Theological School, and MSW from Columbia University (International Social Welfare). When he joined the pastoral team at Crystal Church in 2009, he served in ministries for the young adults, children, and missions. Currently, he is serving in the EM.  Married in 2015, he and his wife Kristen now reside in New York with their son and daughter, Reuel and Lael.  

Rev. Dong Sung Kim  Korean Ministry

Dong Sung “Jimmy” Kim


Rev. Dong Sung joined Crystal Church of New York in 2011, and he currently serves in KM young adult & administrative ministries. Prior to coming to Crystal, he had served in mission organizations and local churches in the area of youth and worship ministry. He holds a B.A. in economics and M.Div. from Drew University (where he met his wife, Rev. Wenshuang). Besides church ministries, he is a busy father of two daughters and one son, an adjunct instructor at Drew Theological School, and a doctoral student at Drew's Graduate Division of Religion. He loves to learn, serve, check facebook, drink coffee, ... and drink more coffee.

Rev. Wenshuang Lu  Chinese Ministry

WenShuang Lu

Associate pastor (CHINESE MINISTRY)

WenShuang started serving as the Chinese Ministry pastor at Crystal Church since 2011. She received her bachelor's degree in Russian language from Changchun University in China and Master of Divinity from Drew University. She enjoys making crafts out of wood, clay or paper in her leisure time. 

Pastor Yungrok Kim  English Ministry

Young Rok “Jimmy“ Kim


Pastor Young is currently serving in the EM after joining Crystal Church in 2007. He began at Crystal Church by serving the youth ministry. Prior to coming to this church, he partnered with school ministries like KCF (Korean Christian Fellowship). He attended Nyack College and graduated with a bachelors in Psychology.

Pastor Samuel Lee  English Ministry

Samuel Lee


Sammy was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Queens, New York. While living the Queens kid narrative, God gave him a heart for the Korean Diaspora Community in America. Sammy has a passion to raise up a generation that is willing to live reconciled to God and reconciled to people. He believes that the Korean Diaspora Church narrative is very important in the context of the global church. Sammy received a BA in Pastoral Ministry from the University of Valley Forge and received an M. Div with an Intercultural Studies emphasis from Alliance Theological Seminary.

Pastor David Lee  Youth Ministry

David Lee


David was born and raised in Queens.  He has a great passion for the youth to be able to find their identity in God and to empower them to pursue their God-given passion.  He earned his M.Div from Alliance Theological Seminary.  He is married to Sung Lee and have two daughters, Deborah and Hadassah.  He loves sports, movies and spending time with his family.

Pastor Michael Yang  Children’s Ministry

Michael Yang


Michael currently serves as the Children’s Ministry Pastor at Crystal Church. His passion for ministry began back in 2010 when asked to serve as a youth leader. Since then, he has continued to serve the next generation, eventually making his way to Children's Ministry. Michael is currently pursuing his M.Div at Alliance Theological Seminary. Some of his passions include photography, videography, and sports! And in his spare time, he can be found relaxing at some of his favorite local cafés in Queens, NY.


Jung Hyun Woo

Intern PASTOR (korean ministry)

Jung Hyun began ministry in South Korea in 2018. He joined the team here at Crystal Church in 2019, and is currently serving in the Korean Ministry. He received a B.A. from Kangwon National University (Business Administration & Accounting), M.A. from Konkuk University (Digital Culture & Contents), and M.Div. from Seoul Theological University. He enjoys watching documentaries and likes to read books in cafes.