By: Daniel Lee &
Nahyun Kim

Location : White Noise Cafe

So who’s this snappy guy in grey, you ask?
You might know him as the loud jokester during fellowship or the awkwardly funny fella in charge of announcements at the end of every service. He’s the type of person who practically oozes energy and ambition; you can’t help but gravitate towards his positive presence. But like every banana, there’s more to him than what’s on the surface. And Daniel and I had the opportunity to get to know this guy some more.

Some basics you should know. He’s a 28 year old born and raised New Yorker with a serious passion to serve and live life to the fullest. He received his Associate's Degree from LaGuardia Community College and his Bachelor's from City College. He’s currently an assistant manager at Danada Clinic and has been an active member of Crystal Church for the past 6 years.

Crystal: What type of person are you?

DC: I see myself as a very outgoing guy, outgoing person -- yo what’s up? What’s good? There ya go. Outgoing, right there. I love meeting new people. Yeah I think that’s it, actually.

Crystal: How would describe yourself in 3 words?

DC: Outgoing. Humble, [laughs] um.

Three words - that’s kind of hard. People’s person? I’m all about the peoples. My peoples.

Crystal: What do you like to do in your free time?

DC: Just relaxing. I like snowboarding. Trying to go a lot this season. I recently picked up drawing. I took Intro to Drawing in college and it just grabbed my interest, so I'm trying to continue that. I try to read [laughs]. I think that everyone should be reading all the time.

I‘m pretty good at bowling. I’m better at Pastor Mike in bowling. Make sure you get that.

-        And Johnny.

And Johnny. Basically, everyone in church. I’m the best bowler at Crystal Church.

-        And I’m a very humble guy.

And I’m very humble. I see myself as a very humble guy - but I’m the best in bowling [laughs].

Just stating facts. It’s not boasting. It’s facts.

Crystal:  Very humble indeed. So you're better than Johnny and pastor Mike?!  What's your bowling average?

DC: I think it’s like 160-ish. But whenever I’m playing (Pastor) Mike, I beat him so -

Crystal: So what are some of the important things you prioritize in your life?

DC: Taking care of my parents. My career. {slight pause] And getting closer to God

There was a time where I was in a process of deciding what to do with my life career-wise. And in order to that, I went to morning prayer twice a week and prayed about it. I didn’t get any clear answers, but what i did gain is that - I felt like God was just telling me that whatever decision I make, just have Him involved in the decision, involved in my life. Just doing things through Him

Crystal: Oh, that's interesting. On that note, would you mind telling me when you first came to Christ?

DC: Not at all, I first came to Christ when i was a junior in high school. I went to church my whole life, but I believe i was saved then. And I was a part of KCF which was a Christian club. Being in that community, being a part of that led me to the Lord. I believe it was the summer of junior year where I was at this revival at NYPC, and I think that's like when i had my first intimate moment with Christ.

Crystal: On a lighter note, where do you see yourself in five years?

DC: I was recently given the opportunity to become a part of the ground team at my clinic right now. My boss is trying to make his company public and [bring it] into the market. So he asked me to be a part of the ground team. I’m in there now. In five years, I plan to see myself at the place where I am now, working towards that goal*. Hopefully, I’ll be married….Girls - if there’s girls out there, I’m available.

Crystal: If you were stranded on a island, what three items must you bring?

DC: Soap. I have to be clean. I have to. Do I have wifi? Is there wifi on the island?

-        And a router?

Um, an iPad with internet. If there isn’t internet - a gun or knife. A machete - to protect myself and cut down coconuts. If Internet is not available….

Crystal: Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.

DC: I was a premature baby. I think like four weeks - something like that? Or it might be four hours, four days. Might be four weeks. I was in a movie. I was an extra in Step Up 3. You can see me in the water when they’re dancing in Chinatown.

Crystal: Who’s your favorite superhero and why?

DC: I’ll say Superman, ‘cause no one can beat him. He’s the best - honestly it’s like unfair how strong Superman is, if you think about it.

Crystal: That’s why he’s so boring.

DC:  It’s true. Fun fact! Funny story. I was Flash for Halloween once.

Crystal: Is that supposed to be ironic?

DC: Yeah, ‘cause I’m fat [both laugh]. And I’m very slow [laughter continues].

Crystal: Speaking of superheros, if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

DC: Move things with my mind. Because I think it’s cool.

-        Telekinesis

Telekinesis. Or OOH - teleporting

-        So you don’t have to run?

So I don’t have to run.

Crystal: What are some pet peeves we should know about? so we're always on your good side?

DC: I hate it when I’m sitting shotgun and we’re driving and they pull up next to the back of a bus. Like there’s a bus next to me and the window’s open and the engine of the bus goes like ‘RRRRRR’. That’s one of my pet peeves.

Beans in my rice. I hate beans in my rice.

Crystal: Note to possible lady friends -

DC: Don’t put beans in my rice.

Crystal: On the topic of food, how many slices of pizza can you eat or have you eaten in one sitting?

DC: Are we talking like pizzeria pizzas or Domino’s pizza?

Crystal: Any kind of pizza - unless that makes a difference.

DC: I think I’ve eaten like a pie of Domino’s. Like one of those 5-5-5 deals. Remember those? I used to like split that with my friends. And pizzeria pies. I think like four maybe?

Crystal: What song have you been listening to nonstop lately?

DCI’m into old school R&b, old school rap. I’m a big fan of hip hop. Big fan of Drake, The Weeknd, and Taylor Swift is my wife

Crystal: What’s the one food you cannot live without? 

DC: Fried Chicken

Crystal: What’s your go-to spot to get some of the best?

DC: Pies n Thighs.

Crystal: Which outfit gets you the most compliments? 

DC: A dark blue cardigan with a black T-shirt with black jeans and black ultra boosts. I’m all about black everything. Black on black on black.

Crystal: So do you have a secret side project that you’re working on? 

DC: I’m thinking of making a podcast with some of my friends. It’s something that I’ve tried in the past but it didn’t work out.

Crystal: Is it more of a comedy?

DC: Yeah. It’s for people to just like tune in to laugh. It’s not going to be like a detailed podcast where I, you know, talk about politics. Just like you’re eavesdropping on two homies talking. 


Na Hyun Kim, a.k.a. Nana, is your average amplified millennial whose day you can easily make by dropping comments about how ‘hipster’ or ‘Brooklyn’ she looks. Legally, her first name is ‘Na’ and middle name ‘Hyun’, so she’s pretty irked whenever she sees ‘Ms. Na Kim’ on her boarding ticket. She spends most nights searching for the best jams on SoundCloud. It’s a beloved hobby of hers. She’s clearly in denial about how many hours any responsible adult should spend sleeping.